“Namaste” and greetings from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati ! We welcome you to the online platform of International Conference on Trends in Plant Sciences and Agrobiotechnology (ICTPA 2019) in coordination with Plant Tissue Culture Association - India (PTCA-I). It is our privilege to be connecting to you all through this medium and engage with you in the latest developments on cutting-edge research and technology in the area of Plant Sciences and Agrobiotechnology. The interventions are urgently needed to address issues in the area of agriculture, which are critical to the nation and the world at large, with a special focus on technology to improve productivity of Plant Bio-resources of North-East Region of India.

This conference which will mark the 40th meeting of the Plant Tissue Culture Association - India (PTCA-I) will engage with scientists, researchers, students and academicians on a wide range of issues, such as plant tissue culture and genetic transformation, micropropagation of herbaceous and woody plants, plant hormones and signal transduction, plant-omics, precision breeding, genome editing, secondary metabolite production and scale-up of metabolites, consumer biotechnology and other concerns relevant to the area of plant sciences and biotechnology. The Conference will provide an opportunity to the scientific community from different parts of India and various other countries to exchange information, brainstorm and collaborate on new dimensions in plant tissue culture and related areas.

We once again welcome you to ICTPA 2019 and are confident that your engagement, scientific contribution and ideas will pave a way to allow the scientific community to suggest and provide solutions to challenges in the field of plant sciences, technology, agriculture and horticulture. IIT Guwahati, with its idyllic setting in a region tremendously rich in flora and fauna, provides the perfect background to the engagements and possible solutions that we seek to have.


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